Friday, April 07, 2006

Nina Hartley

I just found out that Nina Hartley and Victoria Givens maybe getting it on soon...and the videos and pics will be exclusively for Members.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Filthy Frank comes to Sex Reloaded

Filthy Frank Back on the Streets With Victoria Givens

Source: Victoria Givens Productions

by: Company Press Release (FT MEYERS, FL) -- Fresh from his extended vacation, courtesy of the Federal Government, Filthy Frank hits the streets with a bang. After not getting laid for almost two years, the Filthy one does it up right by winning the Driving Ms. Victoria Contest recently while Victoria Givens was in Ft. Myers, Florida...Read More

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Teen Mia Bangg

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hot Slut Brunette

Friday, March 10, 2006

Famous Porn Star Insider

Famous Porn Star Insider

Another Victoria Givens Blog Article...

More Victoria Givens and Sex Reloaded news here:

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sex Reloaded

Sex Reloaded
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sexual Debauchery

Sexual Debauchery
Here's some debauchery, Victoria Givens sets World Record Anal Gangbang...101 guys no lube. You can see the video here:
Is that debauchery or just fun! :)

Parental Controls

Sex Reloaded Introduces Parent Friendly Internet
Source: Treasure Coast Media
By: Company Press Release

(LOS ANGELES, CA) -- In response to recent National Committee meetings and in an effort to further the values of responsible free speech, Sex Reloaded adds parent friendly pages to all of their disclaimer and age verification pages.

“I strongly believe in our rights to express ourselves in adult,” states owner and CEO of Sex Reloaded, Victoria Givens. “I believe in the rights of adults to view what they choose in the privacy of their homes. I also believe in the rights of parents in America to protect their children from viewing what they feel may be harmful to them, whatever that may be, and to raise their children the way they choose.”

The balance between the two was simple before the Internet. Back when adults could only view such material in an adult video store, magazines covered in plastic warning labels, and on DVD in the privacy of their bedrooms. Anyone purchasing adult material in a store had to have proper ID to even get inside. Minors still managed to get adult materials somehow but it was a lot harder to obtain and harder to hide from their parents before the Internet.

Today, parents buy home computers for their children and in most cases, the children are much more computer savvy than the parents. All home computers come with parental controls. The problem is, most parents don’t have any idea how to set those controls. If they did, there wouldn’t be a problem keeping their kids out of sites they feel may be harmful.

In an unprecedented move, the folks at Sex Reloaded have added links to all of their disclaimer and age verification index pages that will give “Parents & Pissed Off Wives” step-by-step instructions on exactly how to set the parental controls on the new computer they just bought Junior and Pumpkin.

“We don’t expect parents that aren’t interested in porn to go to adult sites to learn how to protect their children,” says Givens. “This is why we have created the Parent Friendly pages that do not include any explicit images. What I think we should expect however, and the Government should expect, is for parents not only be interested in what their children are viewing, but to take parental action as they would when their child wants to view the R-rated and Mature Rated programming on the television set in their living room.”

“Just as concerned parents can set the parental controls on the television, they can do the same with the home computer. If they see their children have been to one of our sites, they at least will have the information and know-how to block any future viewing of adult on that computer.”

What is interesting is the fact that sites dedicated to protecting our children from on-line porn, have no links or instructions to parents on how to set parental controls on their home computers. The COPA Commission’s own web site does not have this information. Neither does the Advisory Committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus’ web site.

“I did find some Special Interest Group sites that told parents what they should do to protect their children and even their husbands against on-line porn,” add Givens, “but what they didn’t tell them was HOW to do it. I researched most of the popular Government, private special interest groups, and religious groups joining the cause, and not one had step-by-step instructions on how parents set the parental controls on their computers.

I would think that that if they took a fraction of the money they raised in their fund-raisers for the cause and spent it on public service announcements teaching computer-illiterate parents or wives how to set these controls, we wouldn’t have such a problem after all. They could then take the rest of that money and, I don’t know…maybe find out why America has more people in prisons and jails than in all other countries in the world combined?”

For more information on setting your child’s parental controls, visit or contact